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Revised March 28 2019
SITE:  A site is a designated space to be used by one equipment (RV, trailer, tent) with parking of one vehicle only.   Rates for a site are based on a family of 2 adults and up to 4 children, maximum of 6 at any given time. Additional fees will apply for over 2 adults or over 4 children as well as for day visitors.

TENTS:  A small, four-men tent, can be added to an RV site only if the number of guests is followed.   The installation of a tent must be approved prior to installation and fees could apply.

PAYMENT:  All stays must be paid in full at registration and are not refundable.   No refunds will be applied for shorter stays or late arrivals. There could be penalties for cancelation before specified deadlines.  See Cancelation policy.

ARRIVALS AND CHECK OUT:  Sites will be available at 1pm and must be emptied by 1pm.   Any plans for leaving later must be approved and paid for by 11am on scheduled check out day and are subject to availability.   Unless approved by staff, guests must arrive for registration by 10pm on scheduled arrival day or reservation could be cancelled with penalties.

SPEED LIMIT:  Speed on site should not exceed 8km/hr.  

BLACK WATER TANK:   A rubber donut or sealed connection is necessary to use our sour system.

HEATING AND WATER HEATER:  Electric heating and water heaters are prohibited. Please use propane.

VISITORS:  Visitors or additional person include:

-a person that enters campground to meet a registered guest for a day or a period of one hour or more, up to 11pm on same day

-a third and/or fourth adult that joins a registered guest to sleep in the same RV or tent until 1pm the next day;

-a child that will sleep on a site where there are already 6 registered guests until 1pm the next day.

The maximum number of people allowed on site for sleeping is 6.  ALL VISITORS MUST REGISTER AND PAY FEES BEFORE ACCESSING SITE. All visitor's vehicle must remain in dedicated parking lot, unless approved by staff.  Registered guests are responsible for their visitors' actions at all times. All day visitors must leave by 11pm.

VEHICLES:  Only one vehicle per site is allowed.    A dedicated parking lot is available for extra vehicles and visitors.

It is not allowed to do mechanical repairs or wash your vehicle on your site.   ATVs and golf carts are not allowed on site. All vehicles that create excess noise should not enter campground.   

CAMPFIRES:  All campfires must be kept at reasonable height and lighted in designated fire pits.   Fire wood can be purchased at reception or must come from immediate area. No construction or chemically treated wood or garbage should be burnt in fire pits.  All fires must be out by 12am. FIRE PITS are not to be used to burn or leave garbage.  

NOISE:  Noise and music should not disturb others.   All noise must be out by 11pm. It is not permitted to have group fires after 11pm.

GARBAGE:  All garbage and recycling materials must be thrown out in designated garbage bins.   Avoid leaving garbage outside at night. Please do not leave garbage or recycling materials in your fire pit when you leave.

DISHES:  You may use laundry room sink or dedicated sink in restroom station at park entrance.  Sinks must be kept cleaned after use. Do not use restrooms sinks and showers to wash your dishes.   

VANDALISM:  it is strictly prohibited to make holes in trees, cut branches or damage trees in any ways.   Anyone caught breaking of vandalizing buildings, equipment or trees, will be requested to leave the campground without reimbursement and could be dealt with in the Court of law.

FIREARMS:  All fire arms, pellet guns, bows are prohibited on campground.

FIREWORKS:   Fireworks are always strictly prohibited on campground.

PETS:   all pets must be always kept on leash when on campground.   Pet owner is responsible for picking up immediately after his or her pet and making sure animal do not disturb others with behaviors or barking.   Pets should not be left on site without supervision while guests are off site. Pets are not allowed in restrooms or pool area. Maximum of two pets per site are allowed if they are not Pitbull or Rottweiler breeds.   

Do not feed animals that don't belong to you.   

POOL:   Pool will be opened under lifeguard supervision from mid-June to Labor Day Weekend, unless weather does not permit. Parents are responsible for supervising their children. All swimmers and parents must follow pool rules.

Under Provincial regulation, pool cannot be opened without lifeguard supervision.

RESPONSIBILITY:   Staff at Camping Ange-Gardien will not be held responsible for damage on guests' equipment and belongings, caused by fire, theft, vandalism, weather conditions or any other situations occurring on site or in parking lot.

Parents are always responsible for their children, pets and visitors' actions.   Children must be supervised.

0 service sites
1 or 2 services sites
Full hookup sites, 30 or 50 amps


Promotions must be requested at time of reservation
3rd night at price
For active FQCC members only
Until June 15th and after September 15th
Excluding May and October Long Weekends
FREE 7th night
When you reserve 7 consecutive nights,
your 7th night is always free.

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